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GIGANT MASS Gainer 2.3 kg

Product Description

GIGANT MASS Gainer 2.3 kg



Gigant Mass Gainer – the combination of high quality carbohydrates and wholesome protein. Perfectly balanced, containing only top quality ingredients, 20% gainer type supplement, is based on wholesome protein and carbohydrates.

Properly calculated proportions of Gigant Mass, together with a balanced diet and training are an effective combination that will let you achieve effective muscle mass gains.

Gigant Mass is a portion of good mood, muscle support, and an energy kick exactly when you need them most. Gigant Mass is the perfect mass supplement and the maximum anabolic impulse.


Gigant Mass dietary supplement should not and cannot be used as a substitute to healthy and balanced diet.


Mix 1 serving of the product (75g – 2 measuring spoons) with 150-250 ml of water or milk. Take twice per day.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS   100g      1 serving (75g)

Energy value

376 kcal/1596 kJ               282 kcal/1197 kJ

Fats       2,5g       1,9g

incl. saturated fatty acids

1,6g       1,2g

Carbohydrates 68g         51g

incl. sugars

10g         7,5g

Dietary fiber

1g           0,75g

Protein 20g         15g

Salt        0,25g    0,19g

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