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Amino 10000 Bestline

Amino 10000

Product Description

Amino 10000 Bestline

AMINO 10 000


Amino10 000is a top quality product and contains only pure amino acids! This comprehensive formula of active compounds will let you take full advantage of each training – choose quality and proven effects of the best whey protein concentrate on the market.

Whey protein concentrate, on which the formula of Amino10 000 is based, is one of the best sources of amino acids required for maintaining the proper functioning of our bodies. The complete formula of endogenous and exogenous amino acids provided by Amino10 000 will make you quickly notice the effects of supplementation and you will face any training challenge!

Choosing the highest quality amino acids without any unnecessary additives you can be assured that your body utilizes their full potential.


Amino 10 000 dietary supplement should not and cannot be used as a substitute to healthy and balanced diet.


Active ingredients
Amount per serving 1 tab 5 tabs
Amino acids 1000 mg 5000 mg


Take 1 serving (5 tablets) of the product 2 times per day.

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